Composting toilets are a tried, tested and proven alternative to traditional waste management solutions. Find answers to your common questions below, and contact us if you still require additional information. 

What is Humanure?

Humanure is a term made up from the words human and manure. It refers to human fecal matter and urine that is recycled and composted for agricultural purposes (for example use on orchids, ornamental gardens and even vegetable gardens). Humanure contains many valuable soil nutrients that encourage and enhance healthy plant growth.

What is Composting?

Composting refers to the aerobic decomposition of organic matter. In this case, we refer to thermophilic composting, which develops very high levels of heat. This means that the compost reaches elevated temperatures of over 60 degrees, killing any potentially harmful pathogens that may be in the organic matter. At the end of the composting process, there is high quality, pathogen free material that can be put onto your garden.

Will the Bambooloo smell?

No. A properly managed Bambooloo will have no unpleasant odour. The trick to this lies in the correct use of the carbon cover material. If your toilet ever begins to smell, it’s likely that you are not using enough cover material. See our guide for our recommendations on cover materials to use and quantities.

Where should I put my Bambooloo?

The Bambooloo is designed to be placed in a bathroom and is roughly the same dimensions as a standard flushing toilet to install. However, you are able to place your Bambooloo is any comfortable, private location. In colder climates, it’s recommended to keep the toilet indoors, however in warmer climates it can easily also be used as an outdoor toilet.

How long does it take to fill the Bambooloo?

The Bambooloo comes with both a 20-litre container with screw lid and a starter pack of composting bags. In general, a 20-litre container will be filled in one week when the toilet is used by one single adult. For every additional person using the system, simply half that time.

Is one container enough?

One container will be enough if you are using the composting bags. If you chose not to use composting bags and would like to use the containers directly without lining instead, then it is recommended you purchase at least one extra container for every person who is using the toilet. This will greatly reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep the system maintained.

Will the compost pile smell bad?

No. Again, if properly managed your compost pile should not smell bad. The trick with this is also effective use of carbon cover material. Should you ever notice an unpleasant odour coming from your compost pile, simply add more cover material. Common cover materials for compost heaps are wood chips, leaves, hay and straw.

Can I mix my household compost with Humanure?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s greatly beneficial to the composting process to have a variety of materials in there. It’s not recommended that you add these materials to the Bambooloo, as kitchen waste for example may attract fruit flies. In your external compost pile however, it’s great to mix it all together.

When is the Humanure compost ready to be used?

Once you have filled your compost pile, it is recommended that you cover the pile in a good amount of cover material, and leave to rest for at least one year. If you’re in doubt about whether you have achieved a good, thorough thermophilic compost, simply leave for an additional year to mature before using the compost on your garden.  Once the maturation of the compost is complete, it should look and smell like rich garden soil.

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