We chose to manufacture the Bambooloo™ from bamboo because we are passionate about creating a product that stands up to heavy use, and is also sustainable for the planet. 

Bamboo is a very dense material – it’s as dense as the hardest of hardwoods in the world. That means it’s highly water resistant, long lasting, and hardwearing – these factors combined make it the perfect choice for the Bambooloo™, which is built to stand the test of time.

Bamboo grows incredibly fast. In fact, there are some species of bamboo that grow 1 meter a day! Because it’s so fast growing, on average it is able to produce 20 times more timber than trees on the same area of land. It also has a very short cropping cycle, with a crop reaching maturity in as little as 4 years (compared to up to 60 years for comparable trees).

Bamboo also produces a lot of oxygen – up to 35% more than deciduous trees such as oak. This means that while the crop is maturing, it’s cleaning the air and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, which then gets locked into our Bambooloos™!

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