Once your compost has matured in the Secondary Treatment System, it is ready for burial – this is mandatory under the NZ Waterless Composting Toilets Standard, and needs to be 150mm sub-strata.

This is a great opportunity to replant NZ and make your nutrient-dense compost the foundation for growth of new life!

Use your humanure as fertilizer when planting trees (including fruit and nut trees). To do this, simply dig down further into the ground, add a layer of humanure to the base, and plant your tree on top! This will provide the tree with nutrients and allow for greater root ingression.

Alternatively, select a site in which to bury your humanure, and zone it off as a dedicated land application area.

For convenience, you can build an offal hole with a steel or concrete lid – this gives you a burial site that is easily accessible and doesn’t require regular digging. The lid needs to be heavy enough to stay in place, and strong enough to prevent the possibility of someone falling through it.

Otherwise, you can choose a non-food-crop garden bed as your allocated burial site. In this case, you will need to dig a hole, put your humanure inside, and then cover it with a minimum of 150mm of soil, bark, or mulch.

Do NOT use humanure on:

– Edible plants/flowers

– Herbs

– Vegetables

– Plants used for seeds (e.g. sunflowers, pumpkins, sesame, chia, etc.)

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