This toilet was conceived to provide people with the option of having a beautiful composting toilet system that is truly down to the basics, and effective as an onsite solution.

The Bambooloo has the look and feel of a toilet that is at home in any situation.

Dylan Timney

Bambooloo™ CLASSIC

Bambooloo™ CLASSIC (9th edition)

The Classic offers a distinct classical style of toilet furniture, pairing a darker toilet seat with a lighter base.

Bambooloo Carbon Composting Toilet

Bambooloo™ CARBON (Limited Edition)

Bambooloo™ CARBON (9th edition)

Limited edition Bambooloo™ Carbon is made with heat treated bamboo, giving the base a darker colour which matches the toilet seat and lid.

Bambooloo™ toilets come with everything you need to get started

The toilet package includes everything you need to start using your Bambooloo:

  • Bambooloo commode including a 20L bucket with screw-on lid
  • Instruction manual
  • Bio-degradable bags
  • Bulking agents (coco peat and wood shavings)
  • Bulking agent scoop
  • Tamper spray

Unit Dimensions:

Height: 455mm Length: 568mm Width: 398mm

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