In a world of ever-expanding composting toilet options, it’s become apparent that the good ol’ bucket system is still the king of them all. Proving to be the most popular option with our clients, our bucket systems are chosen over other systems time and time again. So, why are bucket systems still the most popular?

Aesthetic Appeal

Bucket systems are a chance to step outside the norm and beautify your bathroom with a unique piece. Available in bespoke, handcrafted designs that resemble fine furniture rather than boring ol’ standard toilets, bucket systems add an element of style and individuality to the home and elevate the overall bathroom experience.

Ease of Installation and Placement Versatility

From a practical perspective, bucket systems make sense to many due to their ease of installation and remarkable placement versatility. Bucket systems require no wall penetrations – no outlets for drainage or ventilation, making the install as easy as simply plonking them on the floor. This means they can be placed on any storey of the house without complicated modifications.

Simple Use and Foolproof Performance

The simplicity of bucket systems translates into user-friendliness and reliability. Bucket systems are perfect for those who are new to humanure composting as their operation is incredibly straightforward. Waste is collected in the bucket, topped up with a bulking agent to create the right composting mixture, and then simply tipped into an on-site compost bin where time and nature do their thing. It’s hard to mess this process up, which makes bucket systems foolproof.

Low Cost

Bucket systems are the most budget-friendly option on the market. The straightforward design makes these systems affordable and accessible to the ever-increasing pool of individuals interested in eco-friendly living.

Cheap Repairs

Often dubbed the “Toyota of composting toilets”, bucket systems are just about indestructible. With very few moving parts, the risk of failure is almost nonexistent. When repairs are required, they’re generally quick and affordable, making bucket systems a cost-effective solution long-term.

Proven Success

Bucket systems really are the “tried and true” option. Years of use and endless success stories provide ample evidence of their effectiveness, resulting in confidence among users and solidifying their stance as trustworthy, reliable options.

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